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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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latebreaking -- >> nearly two months after a baltimore city police officer is shot and killed, there are still more questions than answers. sean campbell was also killed outside the nightclub. the mayor and police commissioner have announced an independent review panel. we are joined live from city police headquarters with details. >> the mayor said it was important to the city to have an independent panel of national experts to make sure something like this does not happen again. >> it murdered part of me. a hole in me i will never feel again. >> it is been almost two months since their son died. they have a lot of unanswered questions. >> i want the truth to come out. sean will not be back, but it
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will give us some peace. >> 22-year-old shawn at gamble was shot and killed in downtown baltimore. there was an apparent exchange of gunfire between plain clothes and uniformed officers that did not recognize them. the details are unclear. an independent board had been created to review the case. >> it was important that we had a strong, independent panel of national experts. we want to have confidence that we learn from this incident and it does not happen again. >> the panel includes a police chief from north carolina and a state attorney general. the board will begin to review the circumstances that led to the deaths. >> i think it is a good thing. i cannot trust the police at this point.
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i think it is good that outsiders are coming in. >> we have to trust in the lord to make the right decisions on how to remedy the situation. >> here is a look at that independent panel. darrel stephens is at john hopkins university. he is the executive directory of the city chiefs association. the president of the police association. the senior fellow at the institute for public research served on the oakland police department. eight two-term maryland attorney general and former baltimore city detective. she teaches criminology at george mason university. board members will submit their suggestions to city officials.
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>> 820-year-old johns hopkins university student is in critical condition after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. an 83-year-old woman attempting to make a turn hit the engineering student. it happened near west 39th street and west university park way. no charges have been filed. the student is expected to recover. police are also investigating the discovery of a minivan in the river. it was found around 7:00 this morning. it was about 6 feet under water. no one was found inside or around the van. no word on it the vehicle was stolen. fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in baltimore. crews found an unconscious person inside the home. there were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. it is unknown at the home had
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working smoke detectors. power outages are still living in our area. there are 1500 customers without power tonight. power has been restored to 92,500 customers. bge set up a support staff at the stadium. surrounding states have joined forces to help restore power. >> they come from out of town to assist us. they get their work assignments, eat their breakfast, and do the work. they come back in the evening after 12 or 16 hours of work, eat dinner, go to their hotels, and do it all over again. >> it could take until monday for all customer's power to be restored. >> the unrest in the mid east taking a toll on your pocket. prices in the u.s. are
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skyrocketing. check out the price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline at this station. $3.49 -- the highest price we saw in the area. the national averages $3.33. you can check out prices in your area by logging onto our website, the un security council put muammar gaddafi on notice. it puts stringent sanctions on the leader, his family, and close allies. president obama said the dictator should step down after two weeks the bloodshed on libyan streets. >> the draft resolution has been adopted. >> a unanimous vote on saturday night by the u.n. security council sent a strong message to muammar gaddafi. >> when atrocities are committed against in a sense, we must speak with one voice.
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today, it has. >> after a series of emergency meetings on saturday, all 60 members voted for stiff sanctions against gaddafi. the decisive move follows two weeks of violence. >> the international community will not tolerate violence of any sort. >> the council also agreed to refer the regime's deadly crackdown on protesters to a international court. the actions by the united nations, just hours after the white house issued a statement. president obama said, "when a leader's only means of staying in power is to use violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to role and must leave now." after stern words from the u.s. and international community, the world waits to see out gaddafi response. >> our coverage of the unrest in
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libya continues on our website, you'll find a slide show of photographs as well as video of the clashes. people are descending on madison, wisconsin, to protest gov.'s plan. there were pro union rallies across the country. >> the crowds in madison got bigger by the hour. many protesters leaving the interior of the state house. by 4:00 p.m. sunday, the sleeping bags and signs of protesters will be gone by order of the capitol police. the focus of the crowd was the governor himself walker has not varied wants from his insistence on rolling back public union benefits. he says it is the only way to control government spending at the state and local level canal and in the future.
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>> federal employees have no collective bargaining. half of the state employees or non-union. >> there were rallies in many large states in support of the protesters in wisconsin. the drumbeat was loudest in madison. hear, it is the actions of the 14 senate democrats that delayed the inevitable but that turned the governor's bill into law. the huge numbers of protesters were seen as potent weapons for the future. >> if you never voted before, i bet you will now. [applause] >> as many as 1500 workers could be laid off if gov. walker does not get the bill side by tuesday. celebrating black history month in baltimore. we will look at the space shuttle discovery's final mission. abul jobs defense at a rodeo. it is all caught on tape.
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>> as far as we are concerned, a little disturbance to the north and a bigger storm out west. we are watching them carefully. your forecast is just ahead.
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>> genetic video from a north carolina radio. you can see a bull charging toward the stands. officials at the menu offered the couple assistance with their medical bills and unlimited tickets to any future events should they choose to return. crewmembers aboard the international space station welcome the news desk to date -- the crew of space shuttle discovery. they arrived just after 4:30 this afternoon. it is the 13th and final voyage. they will spend a week at the station. there are now 12 people at the space station from the u.s., russia, and italy. police in new york are searching for a pilot after his plane crashed into the hudson river. he was the only person on board. he was flying low over the kingston airport.
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because of the crash is still under investigation. the rev. jesse jackson is in baltimore. dozens of soldiers are deployed to iraq. we will have that next. >> this a name we have some clouds drifting over head. eventually they will produce some rain and wind.
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>> plenty of food, fun, and more
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today. this event was hosted by verizon. the morgan state university choir performs. the mayor and city council president were in attendance. rev. jesse jackson will preach at douglass memorial community church tomorrow morning. tonight he joins the president at a community meeting. he is encouraging citizens to work together. the rev. jackson will attend the groundbreaking of the memorial gardens. life will stand be changing for 77 army national guard soldiers. they will be deployed to iraq for one year. their mission is to provide support for operation knut dahlin. a ceremony was held today for the deploying soldiers. >> we know it will be tough. you got to fix the car, pay the
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bills, and do all those things lawyer loved ones serving their nation. you should never hesitate to call on us for support. >> now, your 11 forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a quick shot of our doppler radar and satellite combination. a few clouds are overhead. it turned out to be a fairly nice day. it was a little chillier than yesterday. a disturbance to our north has helped to kick the clouds up. some rain shower activity is closer to the coast. it is around pennsylvania, new york state. the sunshine did not help warn the temperatures too much. 46 at the airport and inner harbor. we were close to normal today. 32 and 36 were the los. our wind gusts were only 18
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miles per hour. that was early in the morning. it was a lot quieter than yesterday. 39 degrees in annapolis. edgewood, 39. 35 at parton. frederick, 34. mid-30's by and for western maryland. temperatures have evened out a little bit this evening. fewer clouds to the south of us here in the evening hours. that weather disturbance up to the north. basically, high-pressure the services have broken down. they are not very vigorous were strong at all. there is a much larger system developing out to the west. we will be dealing with this on monday. as it comes in, it will organize and pass across the area. it will have moisture with it. monday could see some thunderstorm activity. strong storms and gusty winds. i am not sure we would get the
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strain's we had yesterday. mostly cloudy skies tonight. a little chilly. the winds will be nearly kong, or light from a southerly direction. it looks like tomorrow during the day will be dry. we will see a lot of clouds and maybe some rain. west wins the coming southwesterly at 328 miles per hour. winds will be at 5 knots with a 1 ft. chop. here is our futurecast. here is that disturbance up to the north. what's the timeline. beginning sunday we have a period of time where we will pick up some clouds. by 10:00, we will see evidence of rain off to the west. there might be a shower or a sprinkle over the night. the best chance of rain is on monday. the cold front will push in. we will develop some strong thunderstorms potentially on
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monday, early tuesday. there is a slight risk of those storms on monday late in the day. they could produce some severe weather. 57 tomorrow for the high. a shower after dark. the higher chance for re will be later on monday. 58 the high. a blustery day on tuesday, the first day of march. wednesday and thursday let dry. by the end of the week, saturday especially, may be some rain showers. >> we had really high hopes. >> only 17 in conference play. change that one last chance. they put up the good fight. we will investigate after the break.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> an agreement between the nfl owners and players union will not come before the march 4 deadline. the owners may lock out the players, putting all league activities aside. an extension could happen without an agreement or, the union will attempt to decertify before the deadline. that would present a -- that would prevent a lockout.
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owners argue it is a ruse. they hope the court will throw it out. football activities -- state sen. a sore neck. no big deal. any health issue -- he had no concern. he said is nothing. adam jones may have a new role. he has the franchise on his soldiers with the additions to the lineup. -- on his shoulders with the addition to the lineup. >> i would love to be in the playoffs myself. you can say what you want about the expectations on our team. we just have to get on the field and not worry about anything
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besides the first game of spring training. after that game, worry about the next game. you cannot just say we have a good team, we are in the playoffs. you have to go play. >> the top ranked maryland women reduce their rivalry with duke in a impressive fashion. they beat the blue devils' 18- 11. the new coach, john tillman, and joined the first half. 6-4 terrapins at the break. we go to the third quarter. maryland pulling away. getting it done perfectly. doubling up the hoyas. dazed and confused on defense. a bullet to the corner. he had five goals on the day. maryland wins by 28.
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johns hopkins looking to go 3-0 on the season. just 35 seconds into the game, hopkins strikes. look at the cut to the net. yes. you had to see that coming. he did not. chris bolin, the senior, despite the fact he gets crushed, he scores a goal. hopkins up 3-1. it is bolin again. he gives the hat trick in the first quarter. loyal and cal get together. first quarter. we pick things up. he knows what to do with it. two-one tigers. they take the lead.
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greg malsam the break. look at the passing. like so you're just the open shot. he ties the game at two. a couple of minutes later, one of the big talented guys. that is the game winner. we'll look rallies in the fourth to win, 3-2. one last chance for -- 0-17 in conference play. they were hosting drexel. it was senior date. a tight game throughout. tigers down one. josh brown drives. so close. it will not go. white. another chance. dalen 3, again with the ball. the senior takes his final shot
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from 30 feet. just shy. it 0-18 for the tigers this season at home. 66-63 is our final. this just in, virginia tech has not of duke. number 1 is done. number 1 is done.
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>> not bad tomorrow. we will pick up some clouds. 50's for the highs. 60's on monday. stormy by the end of the day. >> thank you for joining us. hello and welcome to "the rachel maddow show." [ cheers and applaus]


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